GIS and Mapping Solutions in Today’s Business Landscape

As businesses continue to catapult forward into the digital future, GIS (geographic information systems) and mapping solutions have become an essential piece of the puzzle. By utilizing GIS and mapping capabilities, organizations have the power to take their data to … Read More

What Is Geospatial Data, and How Does It Benefit Businesses?

Geospatial data is a type of data that provides location information and insights into how objects and places are related to one another. It is becoming increasingly important in many industries. This is because it provides not only location information … Read More

The Benefits of Predictive Analytics and GIS Mapping in the Location Data Industry

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What is Parcel Data?

Parcel data is a type of geographic information system (GIS) data that contains information about parcels of land. Parcel data is typically collected by local governments and includes information such as parcel boundaries, ownership, zoning, tax assessments, and other related … Read More