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We are passionate about location data and working to deliver you with the best experience possible to turn your Location Domain into a productive and profitable business asset. Our journey began over 3 decades ago. Our mission was to source and build the most complete and accurate repository of U.S. residential and business addresses. And today, we continue to build on our commitment to continually grow and develop our address database into the most powerful Location Domain in the country. Our approach is simple - We are data originators, not data brokers - We own over 180 million U.S. residential and business addresses - We have captured over 15 million physical addresses not included in USPS records - We constantly mine data from over 50 different sources - We continue to identify and validate new addresses every day - We update our entire address database every 30 days We provide advanced data services for geocoding, list standardization, data hygiene, appending attributes, and address verification. Through our partnership with Regrid, we now can provide enhanced parcel data that is unmatched in its completeness, including the most accurate primary and secondary addresses affiliated with each parcel. We are ready to help your company take the next step in building a solid Location Domain as part of your overall strategic data assets to drive operations, marketing, planning, business intelligence, supply chain, and decision making. Your address data is constantly changing and we help you stay on top of this phenomena. In fact, we see 2 million to as many as 10 million postal address updates from the USPS every month. This can translate into as much as 15% of your address data changing in some form each year. And what about changes your clients make in terms of where they reside or operate their businesses. On average, 17% of U.S. households relocate annually. That number tops 1 million each month depending on seasonality. Ageon provides you with the data you need, how you need it. We have a multitude of technology solutions that can easily integrate into any IT environment. And we have a talented staff of technology experts at the ready to help as needed. Lastly, we are committed to making our services affordable; to further help you maximize the financial return from your own Location Domain.

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