Reverse Geo-Coding

Reverse Geo-Coding Solutions

Mobile Marketing Location Data

Ageon’s data was compared to other commercially available reverse geo-coders by a mobile marketing provider, and the results weren’t even close…”literally and figuratively”! Seriously, our address matching was above 95%, with the competition falling way behind. Also, we were able to easily identify BOT traffic and false positives. Check us out!

Distribution (Newspapers, Mailers, Direct-to-Home)

Ageon helps delivery companies have the most accurate physical addresses and related geocodes possible, helping to reduce wasted time and expense. Our client’s see improvement in customer satisfaction scores due to deliveries consistently reaching their intended destination.


Have you ever asked your car’s GPS for directions and it sent you miles from your intended destination? Ageon’s proprietary U.S. Address Database is matched to the most accurate geocodes possible. Unlike standard line-interpolation techniques often deployed by companies providing reverse geo-coding, Ageon utilizes a combination of commercial resources and proprietary technology to provide the highest match of real physical addresses and its exact location on Earth.

Underwriting and Analysis

Ageon works with some of the largest companies in the real estate, insurance and banking industries to provide accurate reverse geo-coding services utilizing our proprietary address database and reverse geo-coding systems. Additionally, Ageon has partnered with Regrid to provide enhanced parcel data that leverages Regrid’s comprehensive U.S. parcel data. We match parcel geocodes and SITUS addresses from Regrid with Ageon’s corresponding physical addresses and geocodes. Only since peanut butter was covered with chocolate has a better combination been made!

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