Enhanced Parcel Data

Enhanced Parcel Data

Physical Addresses and Geocoding (with Secondary Addresses)

Ageon has developed proprietary software that now assigns a set of longitude and latitude coordinates that are wholly contained within the actual parcel boundaries. For example, if a parcel boundary happens to resemble a “C” shape, often times the coordinates assigned to that parcel fall outside the shape in the open space of the “C”, putting them in another unrelated parcel. Ageon’s assignment algorithms interpret this anomaly and identify coordinates inside the boundary leading to a more accurate match of geocoding to actual parcel assignment. Similarly, Ageon is able to match physical addresses to parcels, adding to the SITUS address data, including the ability to provide valuable secondary address information, such as apartment numbers, suites, etc.

SITUS Addresses

For our clients who need assessor parcel information, Ageon offers a data product that consists of the Regrid parcel SITUS address with a physical and USPS standardized address appended to it

Parcel Data Matched to Physical Address

For our clients who need more information regarding an Assessor Parcel, Ageon offers through our Regrid partner a data product with the SITUS address, and the parcel properties available, matched to a USPS standardized address

Parcel Boundaries and Physical Addresses

For our clients who want to receive the parcel boundaries and the parcel data, Ageon through its partnership with Regrid can provide this product

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