Customer Analysis

Customer Analysis

Geo-demographic and Lifestyle Analysis

Ageon has worked closely with their clients to unlock many gems of information hiding in plain sight, as well as confirm understandings of ideal customer profiles that have resulted in significantly higher ROI on targeted advertising. At Ageon, our process begins with performing the appropriate hygiene on your existing customer address data. We often find up to 50% of the data has defects. We correct those defects, usually restoring data quality to greater than 90%. Then, using clean data, append demographic and lifestyle profiles to those living at each address to identify specific attributes that can be used to identify prospects of a similar nature. Using Ageon’s analysis, a clothing manufacturer was able to generate a six fold increase in profitability with their regular prospect catalog programs.

Target Development and Mapping

Ageon helps clients visualize their Location Domain information regarding the physical relationship of internal assets to their customers. This includes seeing where customers live, and using Ageon’s Geo-demographic and Lifestyle Analysis, comparing that with where their best prospects are located. Sometimes this reaffirms existing internal knowledge, and other times it reveals new learnings and important discoveries. One of Ageon’s clients discovered a whole new buyer segment they had never suspected would be prospects for their products, opening up new opportunities to grow sales by marketing to this set of potential buyers.

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