Address Validation

Address Validation

API Web Plug-Ins

Ageon offers two web interface solutions that utilize a “plug-in” to make setting up your address verification system as simple as possible. The first web plug-in allows you to map to your existing address input form by linking each of the existing fields to the API. Send the address to our servers and receive a return of a standardized address including longitude and latitude, as well as many other important data elements. The second plug-in, called “Verification2” utilizes full-text search single line instead of requiring users to input separate address elements in a web form. It not only returns a standardized address, it also provides numerous elements of marketing information about the address. You can display or save to your CRM system any or all of the additional marketing data.

API Back Office Solutions

Ageon offers two solutions for your back office processing by providing a URL to one of our APIs of your choosing. Customize your call and information you save from the returns. One API allows you to feed a single address to our servers and receive a return of a standardized address including longitude and latitude, as well many other important data elements. The other back-office API allows you to send a batch of addresses to our servers and receive back the same standardized information as with the single address API.

Enterprise Data Quality

Do you need a custom enterprise solution to manage your Location Domain? We can build it for you. This includes performing regular or ongoing list management services, automated address data hygiene, reverse geo-coding and other custom applications.

CRM Address Validation and Geocoding

At Auxano, we have a host of APIs, along with the ability to build custom applications to help you maintain accurate address data within your CRM eco-system. This includes most every CRM system on the market. Our solutions have been tested by some of the largest companies in the U.S. against the validation tools within their CRM system. These systems include some of the most notable CRM suppliers. The results of these tests consistently find that our validation and geo-coding tools deliver a superior level of speed and address accuracy.

Salesforce Address Validator

If you currently have Salesforce installed at your business, then you can easily deploy the most accurate address validation tool available on the AppExchange. Check out Ageon’s offering, called, “Salesforce Address Validator”. Easily integrate address validation and hygiene into your Salesforce instance. The Validator Application sources information from a complete listing of residential and business addresses in the US as documented by the USPS. Identify the accurate mailing address of each client. Map addresses via the longitude and latitude provided. Our SAV Initial install provides 5,000 transactions for set up and testing. No monthly rates. Transactions roll over to the next month automatically.

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